10+ Getting to Know You Activities for Teens and Adults


I stumbled upon this resource the other day. I think these would be good in a variety of different settings from camp to church to the classroom. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!



Worship & Teaching Videos

Here’s some videpropagandaos we used for the Confirmation Retreat as worship and teaching tools. The first two are by a spoken word poet who goes by Propaganda. He has a dynamic way of presenting his message as you’ll see in the videos. I got to see him live in 2011 at a conference in Atlanta and he was phenomenal. The other two videos are excellent as well, not by Propaganda though. The Great Commission Revisited is an awesome call to us as churches and church leaders. Enjoy!

The Canvas



The Great Commission Revisited

Why students abandon their faith…

despairWhy students abandon their faith…

I was forwarded this article by my lovely wife, Marta. It’s a great article that clearly details the plight many church leaders face today in watching their students slowly lose their faith in a post-high school world. I liked the many parallels to William Wilberforce’s time…a person could make many of the same statements today. Although I think it’s also important to stress the many ways I see post-high school grads living out and running toward their faith as well…those college students who choose other priorities over just partying, drinking, and sleeping in on Sunday….those post-high school grads who find a spiritually-nurturing community amidst jobs, studying, classes, or just goofing off…those young adults who make a conscious choice to live a life that might seem strange to some of their peers that sets them apart as an example to others of a lifestyle that’s healthier spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally. A conversation about why students abandon their faith is a great one we should be having but let us not overlook those young searchers who are right in front of us demonstrating a faith more vibrant than we at that age.