Why students abandon their faith…

despairWhy students abandon their faith…

I was forwarded this article by my lovely wife, Marta. It’s a great article that clearly details the plight many church leaders face today in watching their students slowly lose their faith in a post-high school world. I liked the many parallels to William Wilberforce’s time…a person could make many of the same statements today. Although I think it’s also important to stress the many ways I see post-high school grads living out and running toward their faith as well…those college students who choose other priorities over just partying, drinking, and sleeping in on Sunday….those post-high school grads who find a spiritually-nurturing community amidst jobs, studying, classes, or just goofing off…those young adults who make a conscious choice to live a life that might seem strange to some of their peers that sets them apart as an example to others of a lifestyle that’s healthier spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally. A conversation about why students abandon their faith is a great one we should be having but let us not overlook those young searchers who are right in front of us demonstrating a faith more vibrant than we at that age.


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